Q: My son is 11 but plays on a team of 12 year-olds that will be attending camp. Can he stay in the dorms with the team?

A: No. A camper must be 12 years-old at the time of the camp beginning to stay in the dorms.

Q: Can I get a scholarship to attend camp?

A: NCAA rules prohibit us from offering scholarships to camp sessions

Q: Can teams attend our camps?

A: Yes. Teams that sign up for any of our camps will work with the same coach throughout the week. Please be aware that teams signing up with less than 14 field players will have individual campers added to their group to make up the numbers for training purposes and the evening games. We recommend that the team coach or team manager contacts a member of the ETSU soccer staff.

Q: How are TEAM DISCOUNTS handled?

A: To qualify for the discount you must have a minimum of 6 players. Please contact Coach Scott at scottja3@etsu.edu to set up bringing a team to camp

Q: Do you offer a sibling discount?

A: Yes. When a camper registers at full price, each of that campers siblings will receive a $10 discount. The sibling discount is not available to cousins or other extended family members and cannot be combined with any other discount

Q: Can I confirm my roommate?

A: We don't assign roommates to rooms until 4-5 days before the start of a camp. If you choose a roommate during the registration process, we don't alter or edit your request. This means that if you call to confirm your roommate before rooms have been assigned, all we can do is confirm the name of the person you submitted as your roommate request during registration. Please confirm with your friend before requesting them so both of you are requesting each other, if there is a roommate discrepancy, we will contact you otherwise you can assume that the person you requested as a roommate will be your roommate.

Q: Can I pay installments?

A: We are now issuing the opportunity to choose a payment plan by selecting that option in the registration process. Each camp has a different payment schedule and is detailed both the date the card will be charged and the amount when selected.

If you choose a payment plan, that information will also be detailed in the confirmation email.

Q: What is the biggest difference between Day Camp and Residential Camp?

A: Day camps do not offer campers the chance to spend the night. Campers report for camp in the morning and go home at the end of the camp day. Residential camps offers campers the chance to stay overnight in the dorms. You can also register for the residential camp as a commuter. Commuters arrive in the morning and go home after the evening matches.

Q: What is a commuter?

A: A commuter is a camper who is registered for a residential camp but elects not to stay overnight. Commuters arrive in the mornings and go home after the evening matches. Commuters are provided lunch and dinner but not breakfast.

Q: How are players grouped/separated for training?

A: First our camps are only for male players, all campers will be separated by age and level unless the campers are attending as a team.

Q: Where are the Bucs Soccer Academy, LLC camps held?

A: The residential Camps and Day Camps are held at the Summers-Taylor Soccer Complex, both the game field and practice field will be used as well as the ETSU rec fields if needed.

Q: Are your fields grass or turf?

A: We have access to both grass and turf fields but for the most part we will be using grass fields. Cleats with molded studs will be suitable for both.

Q. Can parents watch the field sessions?

A. Parents are invited to watch any of our training sessions and the evening matches. We ask that you do your best to stay "invisible." Please do not enter the field at any point unless you are invited to by a staff member. And please, NO COACHING from the sideline.

Q. Why is there a deposit for the room key and access card at check-in?

A. The deposit of $75 at check-in is for your child's room key and access card in an event of these items being lost, if a key and/or access card is lost, we will keep the deposit of $75, if the key and the access card is returned then we will give the deposit back to you at check-out.

Q. What are the refund procedures?

A. The initial deposit of $100.00 for the Residential Camp and the initial deposit of $50.00 for the Day Camp is non-refundable but can be rolled over into another camp. There are no refunds of any camp fees once the first day of camp has arrived unless a doctors note is presented to the camp director. There are NO REFUNDS for no-shows.

Q. Are refunds available for sessions cancelled due to weather?

A. No. We will always do our best to get the campers outside and on the field. We will not issue refunds for sessions cancelled due to inclement weather and other "Acts of God."

Q: What should I pack for camp?

Soccer Ball
Alarm Clock
Twin-sized sheets (80"x36")
Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap)
Flip Flops
Sunscreen – this one is important!
Water bottle
Shin guards
Sneakers/Running shoes
Soccer socks
Plenty of t-shirts, shorts and underwear.
Spending money, especially single dollar bills, for vending. Singles can be hard to come by and your camper will need them. Your camper may also want to buy pizza, camp gear, etc.

Q: What shouldn’t I pack for camp?

A: Don’t bring anything you can’t afford to lose. Leave your jewelry and expensive electronics at home. We accept no responsibility for anything that gets lost, stolen or damaged during your time at camp. Also, don’t bring any noisemakers / musical instruments.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: We do not offer refunds for camp, unless there is a medical reason as to why your child cannot participate in camp or other circumstances beyond your control. We do NOT refund the deposit no matter what, but the deposit can be used later as a deposit for another camp.

What college programs will be represented at your Elite Residential Camp for identification purposes?

Each year we hire college coaches from all NCAA levels {D1, D2 & D3} and also NAIA and NJCAA programs. Below is a list of programs which have been or will be represented on our Elite Residential Camp, each year the line-up of programs in attendance can change and will be announced closer to the start of camp.

Milligan College, Newberry College, Tennessee Wesleyan University, The University Of The South- Sewanee, Lackawanna College, Carson Newman University, Tusculum University, Emmanuel College, Shorter University, University Of Pikeville, Centre University, Northern Kentucky University, King University, Averett University, Penn-State University.

One last word of advice:

Please know that your child will be very busy during these few days of camp and may not call every free moment they have. Please do not panic because they may just be tired or hanging out with new friends. Your child's safety is our # 1 priority at camp and we will ensure their safety. We realize this may be some campers first time away from home but we promise they will be cared for.